Saturday 13 April 2019

Ring 1 Bill Spilstead Complex for Canine Affairs

44 Luddenham Road Orchard Hills

Classes to be judged:  1 2 3 4 5 10 11 & 18 (dogs & bitches)

Entries to:  Ms S Ledger, 16 Miller Street Bathurst NSW 2795

Enter on-line with Ozentries

Entries close 5.00 pm 15 March 2019  No late entries will be accepted

Ph & extreme weather  0427 835 836 (no calls after 8.00 pm)

Cheques made payable to:  French Bulldog Club of NSW Inc

Judge:  Dr T Udenberg (Canada)

Order of judging:  Dogs, Bitches, General Specials, Neuter Classes, Sires Progeny, Breeders Team, Property Classes

(Property Classes for Best Head, Best Gaited, Best Pied markings, Best Fawn, Best Brindle)

Judging commences at 9.00 am

Dogs NSW Representative:  Ms T Anderson

Entry Fees:  Members $20.00  Non Members $25.00 Baby Puppy (Class 1 & 1A) $15.00 

Property Classes $5.00 per exhibit for all applicable property classes

Sires Progeny $5.00    Breeders Team $5.00

Catalogues:  $6.00

Sires Progeny criteria for entry 

Minimum number of progeny is 2.  Progeny must be entered at the show.  Sire does not have to be present.

Breeders Group criteria for entry

Minimum of 3 exhibits bred by the exhibitor, from a minimum of 2 litters, from 2 sires or dams

Veterans Parade criteria for entry (no cost)

Dogs/Bitches must be at least 7 years.  An overview of dog/bitch's history (with photograph) must be emailed to the Show Secretary at the time of entry

Numbers will be emailed or available at the show

Prizes:  General Specials Trophy & Sash  Property Classes Sash