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For the first time, brachycephalic breeds can now be tested for brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome [BOAS] using the WBBP chamber developed by Cambridge University. 

FBCNSW has launched a Go Fund Me campaign to help raise funds of up to $40k to bring this ground-breaking scientifically based non-invasive Whole-Body Barometric Plethysmogrophy [WBBP] chamber to Australia. 

FBCNSW will donate $5,000 towards the funding and we call on individuals and other breed clubs to invest in this most important venture. 

Here is a link to the Cambridge study 

To learn more about BOAS go to our health pages

To make a donation go to

Go Fund Me/boas-testing-chamber

FBCNSW is pleased to advise breeders of the ANKC inclusion of special conditions for registration of the French Bulldog. Submissions by the breed clubs were accepted.

"Regulation Part 6, Registration, 6.2.4 Special Conditions for Registration of Certain Breeds be amended by the addition of a new clause to be numbered 6.2.4(viii). 

The new clause to read:

Effective from 1st January 2017 French Bulldog

Merle, Solid Black, Black & White, Black & Tan, Mouse, Grey/Blue, Liver/Chocolate and all patterns of these colours (including those registered in other countries), can only be registered on the Limited Register, flagged "not to be upgraded".

FBCNSW Breeder Listing amendment 9.5.17

Criteria for the breeder listing has been amended to include the following sub-clause (iii)

(i)        You must be a member of the Club in good standing for a minimum of two consecutive years and have adhered to               the FBCNSW Code of Ethics;

(ii)        Failure to ahere to the FBCNSW Code of Ethics may result in your removal from the breeders list;

(iii)       Campaigned at least 1 of your own French Bulldogs to its championship title;

(iv)        Members must not act as agents for the sale of French Bulldogs for non-club breeders or other non-club members.

This additional requirement is not retrospective and takes effect from 9.5.17.