Please refer to the links below for club documents including the Club's Constitution, Rules and Regulations and the Code of Ethics.

Membership / Breeder Listing renewals 2019/2020
Memberships and breeder directory listings are due for renewal on or before 30th June each year.  Please note that this applies to all new members who joined the club in the first half of 2019.  Download and return the completed forms with your payment to the Club Secretary.

Membership application form
Applications may be downloaded from this site but please be aware that in order to join the club you will be required to have two financial club members sign the form, one to nominate and one to second your application.  The forms are self-explanatory but if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Club secretary for help.

Breeder Directory application form
Please contact the secretary for an application form.  Criteria for acceptance: 
(i)   you must be a member of the Club in good standing for a minimum of two consecutive years and have adhered to the FBCNSW Code of Ethics;   
(ii)   failure to adhere to the FBCNSW Code of Ethics may result in your removal from the breeders list; 
(iii)  campaigned at least 1 of your own French Bulldogs to its championship title;                                                                             (iv)  members must not act as agents for the sale of French Bulldogs for non-club breeders or other non-club members.

Health Forms
An important role that the Club plays is helping and supporting breeders and owners with problems or queries they may have about their dogs.  Owners often contact the Club when they are not able to contact the breeder of their dog or when the breeder won’t or simply can’t help.

Did you know that the Club has a Health Profile Form which can be downloaded and completed by you and your veterinarian?  Data and information collected via our health profile form helps the Club monitor the health, longevity and other statistics about the breed.  Forms are submitted to Dr Karen Hedberg who records and stores all data collected.

Hip and Spine Grading Forms
Dr Mariano Makara
PO Box 634
Lane Cove NSW 1595
Tel 0416 051 002
The X-rays required for grading by Dr Makara will be a lateral and ventro-dorsal of the thoracic and lumbar spine (two X-ray plates). 
Microchip numbers must be on the X-ray.
Fees    $110.00 Hips and Spine

FB grading forms Makara 2019.pdf FB grading forms Makara 2019.pdf
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FBC.membership-application-2018..pdf FBC.membership-application-2018..pdf
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FBC.membership renewal form 2019-2020.pdf FBC.membership renewal form 2019-2020.pdf
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FBC.breeders_directory_RENEWAL.pdf FBC.breeders_directory_RENEWAL.pdf
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FBCNSW Constitution 2016.pdf FBCNSW Constitution 2016.pdf
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Health Profile form.pdf Health Profile form.pdf
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French Bulldogs Backs and Hips (2) (1).pptx French Bulldogs Backs and Hips (2) (1).pptx
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